Boat shelters

Boat shelters protect your boat in the winter.

Boat shelters are perfect for protecting your boat when it is on land during the winter or just for short or long periods. The tall, sturdy shelters are created to hold many different kinds of boats that need to be stored in a dry and safe place. Boat shelters from Dancover are spacious so that you will have a perfect working environment if you want to clean and repair the boat while it is stationary. The size of the shelters gives you room to have the boat ready when it is time to put it back into the water again.

Boat shelters protect your caravan too.

Boat shelters, due to their size, are also perfect for storing your caravan and other larger vehicles. This way, the caravan will be stored dry and with room for you to clean and prepare it for the new season on the roads. The boat shelter protects your caravan from the elements, and you can keep the caravan looking good as new year in, year out if you store it in a boat shelter during autumn and winter.

Boat shelters are spacious and durable.

Boat shelters come in various sizes and designs. Some of the sturdy boat shelters have a galvanised steel frame and a sturdy 600g/m2 PVC cover. You have plenty of room for entering the shelter and can choose models, where you have room to work on the boat during the winter. The boat shelter are delivered with sturdy ground pegs for securing the shelter, so you can sleep at night even when it gets a bit windy.

Boat shelters in a lighter version.

Boat shelters are a sturdy and durable solution in most cases, but sometimes a little less will do the trick. At, you can find a series of boat frames and tarpaulins that will provide an exceptional for your boat. The boat frames and tarpaulins may not protect your boat to quite the same degree as a complete boat shelter, but it will provide sufficient protection for your boat, so it is protected from the rain, bird droppings or falling leaves. Choosing a frame and tarpaulin is not only cheaper than a complete boat shelter, but also easier to mount and move.