Camper & Caravan Tents

Caravans and camper vans are best kept in a storage shelter.

Caravan and camper van shelters are originally designed to store and shelter boats when on land, but the sheer size and functionality of the large shelters make them perfect for camper vans and caravans too. The caravan shelters are both tall, sturdy and durable and will protect your camper van, caravan or motorhome for a shorter or longer period when the vehicle or trailer is not in use. The large shelters will hold your caravan and camper van but will of course also hold other vehicles, trailers, machines etc. Do you need a shelter that is a little out of the ordinary? These camper van and caravan shelters will definitely fulfil the purpose.

Caravan and camper van storage shelters protect your vehicle and more.

Caravan and camper van shelters are due to their size perfect for storing your caravan, campervan or motorhome etc. Your caravan or camper van will be stored dry and with room for you to clean and prepare it for the new season on the roads. The boat shelter protects your caravan from the elements, and you can keep the caravan looking nice year after year if you store it in a boat shelter during autumn and winter.

Caravan and camper vans should have a spacious and durable storage shelter.

Caravans, camper vans and motorhomes come in various sizes and designs, and you can find a storage shelter for most models. Some of the sturdy caravan shelters have a galvanised steel frame and a sturdy 600g/m2 PVC cover. You will have plenty of room for entering the shelter and can choose a shelter, where you have free access to the campervan, caravan or motorhome during storage. The caravan shelters are delivered with sturdy ground pegs for securing the shelter, so you can sleep calmly at night even when the weather is acting up.