Patio covers

Patio covers will extend the time you can spend on the patio.

Patio covers is an elegant solution, which makes it possible to use your patio in all kinds of weather during the day as well as in the evening. The roof panels will limit the damaging UV-rays, shelter from the rain and in the evening, stop the falling dew. That is why with a patio cover you can leave more or less everything outside under the cover – furniture, cushions, blankets, and more. In short, having a patio cover means more time on the patio and less work moving things back and forth to the lounge area on the patio.

Patio covers in durable and maintenance free materials.

Patio covers from Dancover are made of maintenance free materials, and you can assemble the light and sturdy construction with just one other person to help you. You do not need to use special tools or have prior experience. When the patio cover is assembled, you can focus on all the benefits you get with a patio cover and forget everything about spending time on maintenance. With one of the elegant patio covers from Dancover, you will not see any rot, rust, or peeling. Do you want to clean the cover? Just use a garden hose and maybe a soft brush.

A patio cover for many different purposes.

A patio cover can actually be used for a series of different purposes apart from the obvious such as a carport or a shelter for your bikes and garden accessories. The cover is great for sheltering the children´s play area against the sun as well as the rain. Some use the light patio cover over a hot tub. We recommend that you e.g. divide the year into two separate periods depending on the climate. During the summer, use the patio cover as intended – to cover and shelter the area where you sit when on the patio. The rest of the year, use the patio cover as a carport or as a shelter for your garden furniture and other things that you want to protect during the autumn and winter. When using the patio cover as a carport you do not have to remove snow and ice from the car in the morning.