Flexshelter Work tents

FleXshelter Work Tents for professionals.

FleXshelter Work Tents are a series of innovative work tents and canopy solutions for various kinds of work outside. Three features distinguish the work tents and shelters in this series: It is their versatile functionality, the sturdiness and durable materials plus the extreme ease in mounting it. The FleXshelters will provide efficient protection and shelter for most outdoor tasks for a very long time. These sturdy and innovative FleXshelter Work Tents will soon become indispensable when you have assignments and jobs to perform out in the open.

FleXshelter Work Tents for many trades and tasks.

FleXshelter Work Tents are a great way to shelter personnel from rain and the wind when working outside. The sturdy and durable materials will give you shelter and make sure you can do the job no matter the weather. These high-quality work shelters have a nickname – the 5 seconds tents. The reason for this nickname is of course that it is extremely easy to mount the FleXshelters. Even the bigger and more stable inflatable work tents are really fast to setup, dismount, transport and store between jobs.

FleXshelter Work Tents with carry bag.

FleXshelter Work tents come with a carry bag, so they are easy to move and store between jobs. When you want to mount your FleXshelter, it only takes a few seconds to take the tent out of the bag and mount it. The Dancover FleXshelters are perfect for e.g. cable and electricity jobs like working on switch boxes and the like. They will also do the job when you need to be safe from the rain in order to do your welding job and more.

FleXshelter Work Tents and Safety Screens for accidents and events.

The series of work tents also consist of a safety screen that will screen off an area – in connection with accidents, events and VIP arrangements when you want to screen off an area and give the injured person(s) or guests a little privacy. You can always call one of Dancover’s Experts if you have questions about our FleXshelter Work Tents, our Safety Screens or other items at Dancovershop.com.