Storage tents Titanium

Storage shelters ‘Titanium’ for professionals.

Storage shelters ‘Titanium’ are a perfect alternative to permanent structures, which are both expensive to build and maintain. With a storage shelter or storage tent that is flexible and of a professional quality, you will have room for everything you want to place under a protecting cover where it will be safe from rain, wind, dust and falling leaves. Furthermore, you have the option to move your storage shelter if you have the need for that at some point. This is why storage shelters ‘Titanium’ and other storage tents from Dancover is very popular in different trades from agriculture to industry, production and trade. It is evident that there is almost no limitation as to what you can store in these large, spacious storage shelters in the Titanium-series. With a storage shelter from Dancover, you will have room for cars, boats and farming machines. You can also use the large storage shelters as a temporary and sheltered workspace, so personnel, materials and machinery can be placed out of harms way during the bad weather.

Storage shelter in a professional quality.

Storage shelter in the Titanium-series offers storage in top quality, with a series of finely tuned details and high functionality. These features make the elegant storage shelters perfect for storing vehicles, machines and materials. The strong frame and the durable PVC cover gives you one of the strongest storage shelters on the market that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. You can let the shelter be at the same spot, or move it if the need for flexibility should occur. The Titanium-series works as shelter, storage tent, warehouse, temporary barn or as a storage tent in general.

Storage shelters and boat tents in various sizes and designs.
Storage shelters in the Titanium-series are also available in special tents for storing boats when they have to be on land during the winter. The elegant and spacious boat shelters are tall and give easy access to the stored boat especially if you want to work on the boat during the storing period. You can see much more about the Titanium-series and the large storage shelters and boat tents at