BBQ grill & Fire Bowls

BBQ charcoal grill for delicious food and great ambience.

A large charcoal grill is a wonderful thing at garden parties and other events. Our sturdy party barbecue charcoal grill will hold a lot of charcoal and you can use it for preparing delicious food for a large number of people. The party grill has a grill spit, two forks and a spit holder for large roasts for you to make an amazing dinner. The grill is perfect for all kinds of food - sausages, burgers, steaks or a large roast. In short, your guests will love the freshly grilled food.

Smoker for preparing a variety of wonderful taste.

Our high-quality smoker with built-in air intake and thermometer can almost guarantee a perfect result every time. Our smoker is made for wood chips, which will provide your food with the most fantastic smoked taste every time – whether you choose to smoke meat, fish, cheese, or something else. Your guests will love the menu when you serve some of the many foods you have prepared for them – either a little in advance in the smoker or right there on the BBQ.

Fire bowls for great ambience and roasted marshmallows.

The fire bowls from Dancover include a range of elegant, sturdy fire bowls together with a series of accessories like a protective lid and mesh screens for safety. The sturdy fire bowls from CosyLifeStyle® made of black steel are maintenance free and perfect for creating a nice ambience in your garden or on the patio. Just put a few regular logs on your fire bowl and sit back to enjoy a nice and safe fire wherever you place your fire bowl. When the fire is slowly dying, you may simply enjoy the afterglow, or you can use the hot embers in the fire bowl to make delicious twist bread, popcorns or roasted marshmallows.