Slush ice machines

Slush ice machines to quench the thirst at parties.

Dancover is the no. 1 supplier in Europe when it comes to Total Party Solutions for private customers as well as professionals. Our large selection offers an abundance of the accessories and equipment you need for arranging parties and other kinds of events. We offer many different things for our private customers as well as professional equipment for professional rental businesses, including our popular and well-known Slush Ice machines. The colourful Slush Ice machines offer high rental quality and are easy to operate and clean. The machines come in three different sizes depending on your need for quantity. See our range of machines below and order your new Slush Ice machine today.

Cold drinks on a hot summer day.

Slush Ice may at first be for children and young adults, but there are many more possibilities with this fun and cool machine. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cool colourful drink – or at a party any time of year for that matter! Our professional Slush Ice machines are perfect for rental purposes and private use. The shiny and fun slush ice machine will be a success at any party, event, marketplace or fair. The moving, colourful liquid is easy to spot and will attract both adults and children. For an adult event, alcohol may be added for great taste and enjoyment. Surprise your guests this year with a cool drink and watch the kids, when they discover that there is real Slush Ice at the birthday party! Use the machine at fairs and markets to sell cool drinks from the stand or booth.

Slush Ice machine for different kind of beverages.

Use the moving Sluch Ice machine for other drinks than colourful ice. You can put juice, smoothies or sugared coffee drinks in the tank. The recommended slush ice-cooling temperature is set at 9 degrees. You can adjust this is you want to. The freezing time will differ somewhat depending on the room temperature and the temperature of the products. Please note that it is important to clean and sanitise the Slush Ice machine thoroughly before using it – and right after use again! We recommend that you study the “cleaning “paragraph in the manual before anything else. To obtain the best performance of slush ice or a similar drink, make sure the sugar content is over 13%, or the contents will freeze too much and cause damage to the machine! You must never use only water in the machine!