Popcorn machines

Use a popcorn machine for most kinds of parties and events.

Your guests will love it when you present a popcorn machine at the event. Whether you are having a family gathering or some other kind of event, most people will love freshly made popcorn at some point during the event. Dancover offers an elegant popcorn machine with or without matching cart. The machine resembles the classic popcorn machines we can see at carnivals and fairs everywhere. The large shiny machine produces an abundance of freshly made hot popcorn and creates positive attention while doing so. The vintage popcorn machine in red and silver has a built-in pot for popping tasty popcorn, which will be a great success at most events – especially at parties for children and young people. At parties for adults, a popcorn machine will also be a popular showstopper providing a delicious, salty snack at some point during the evening.

Order a high-quality shining popcorn machine today!

The popcorn machine has aluminium on the inside and stainless steel on the outside. The unique boiler system and heating tubes are made for making freshly made and delicious popcorn. You just fill the pot and enjoy when the popcorn comes down into the room under the boiler. Now you and your guests can enjoy an abundance of tasty popcorn. You can have the machine to place on a table or order the matching cart for the popcorn machine and make an even better show for your guests. The cart makes it easy to move your popcorn machine from one place to the other.

Popcorn machines and other fun stuff for the party.

At Dancovershop.com, we offer you this beautiful and fun popcorn machine with or without a matching cart. Order the two items together and get a wonderful showstopper that you can roll out at any event. You can, of course, just order the popcorn machine itself and have a wonderful time, serving freshly made popcorn at parties and more. Do you want to make sure that everybody is having a wonderful time at the next event? Please see our selection of Slush Ice machines, bouncy castles, bouncy cushions, and much more stuff that is fun!