Planters in classic design and lightweight materials

Planters in lightweight materials are perfect for most gardens, patios, and yards. At, you can find a great assortment of elegant and beautiful planters in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Do you prefer the classically styled planters? You can have planters looking very much like the traditional planters in the well-known – terracotta look. You actually have to get real close to the planters in order to see that the planters, in fact, are modern lightweight planters and not the old-fashioned ceramic planters. You can have the planters everywhere in your garden, on the patio, and even inside the house if you have room for the large planters.

Planters for all types of gardens – both classic and modern

Modern designed planters will be perfect for most gardens, on the patio, or even inside your house. You may enjoy the modern planters in your classic garden as opposed to the more traditional items or you can use the modern planters to underline a strict and minimalistic design in general. You may also consider which type of planters you should choose depending on the style of your house. No matter which kind of planters you prefer, you will get modern, strong and lightweight planters with many advantages compared to traditional ceramic planters. The modern planters weigh about 1/10 compared to classic traditional planters, they are almost unbreakable, endure temperatures between 60⁰ to -50⁰ C and finally, they are UV-protected and do not fade.

Planters for all kinds of plants, trees, and flowers

Planters can be used as containers for all kinds of plants – the only requirement is that the plants have enough soil and mold, water and light. Like every other garden project, you have to consider where your plants are depending on the accessibility of light and shadow. The lightweight planters are easy to move compared to traditional planters and you are able to change position from time to time – and definitely from season to season. With planters along your driveway, around the patio or as a division in the garden, you can improve the look and style of your garden significantly.