Mats and sleeping bags

Mats and sleeping bags for great comfort outside.

Most of us know that a good night’s sleep is important if you want to wake up fresh and re-energised. When on a camping outing, you often have to settle for a little less when it comes to sleeping comfort but with our airbeds, sleeping mats and sleeping bags, you can look forward to a wonderful sleep at night. We offer self-inflating sleeping mats, which are easy to inflate and deflate and easy to roll and bring along. Our airbeds are somewhat larger but even more comfortable as they are soft, thick and very nice to spend the night on. You can have the airbeds in a single or double size. The airbeds will also work perfectly as a guest bed at home when you have people staying over.

Mats and sleeping bags for the great adventure.

Mats and sleeping bags are indispensable when you go on a camping trip into the wild – or just to a camping site somewhere. Dancover offer a wide range of high-quality camping tents at very competitive prices and you have to have mats and sleeping bags with you when staying the night in a tent. Go to a camping site with all the modern facilities like bath, kitchen and playground for the children – or go into the wild and stay in the middle of nowhere. With our mats and sleeping bags, we are going to have a great time anywhere you decide to pitch the tent.

Dancover offers a great selection of camping equipment.

Do you want a little more comfort than a sleeping mats can provide, try our comfortable airbeds. It is the luxury way to sleep when camping. Forget about hard soil, damp ground or small rocks and beetles. The thick air-filled mattress will insulate so you can wake up dry and happy. The soft velour finish makes it nice to the touch and makes the sleeping bag stay in place. Our sleeping bags are made for a camping holiday as well as a few night on a short outing. Use the sleeping bag tightly zipped close or as a blanket I degrees ranging from -10⁰ C to 24⁰ C. Visit and see all the other things we offer to the trip into the wild.