Tablecloths for adding style and elegance

Tablecloths in traditional cloth or in stretch cloth are indispensable when you arrange most events. Make any table look elegant and inviting and make your guests feel comfortable and welcome by making your tables soft and stylish. An elegant table with a nice tablecloth will always add to the overall decoration and ambience at any party. You can say that a tablecloth is literally the base for a nice table setting with decorations and beautiful tableware. At, we furthermore offer LED lighting such as fairy lights, which are perfect for creating an elegant table setting. We offer tablecloths in many different colours so you can make a table for any event – elegant, cool, dramatic or romantic – it is all up to you.

Tablecloths in soft and elegant materials

At, you can order different types of tablecloths. We offer the classic soft tablecloths, which hangs elegantly down over the sides of the table. We also offer the popular stretch table covers, which cling tightly to the table and covers both the tabletop and the legs. You can tablecloths for our round tables as well as the different sizes of rectangular tables. We recommend that you check the size of your table before ordering tablecloths from Dancover – especially when you order the stretch table covers. Many of our customers order tables and tablecloths together so everything is ready for the upcoming events.

Tablecloths for different kinds of tables

You can use our tablecloths for most kinds of tables as we offer tablecloths in many sizes, colours, and styles. Apart from the many different tablecloths, we offer various tables, chairs, and other event equipment. Select from our large selection of folding tables, banquet tables, and bar tables – all with retractable legs so they are easy to store and transport. You can see all the different tablecloths at With one or more of our tablecloths, you can set an elegant table for all kinds of events – parties for friends and family, important occasions such as weddings and graduations, and professional events with dining and more. The various tablecloths will fit our various tables perfectly, and they can be used for many other kinds of tables, too. Before ordering, please make sure the measurements of the tables fit the various tablecloths. Do you have questions about tablecloths or anything else, please contact our Xperts.