Patio Heaters

Heaters provide a pleasant warmth and ambience

Heaters are an important part of life on the patio or inside various kinds of marquees. Heaters are perfect for creating a pleasant ambience when you want to enjoy outdoor life – whether you want to enjoy an evening on the patio, or you need to create the right temperature inside a marquee or other kind of party tent or event tent. Dancover has a wide range of heaters for both private customers and professionals. All our heaters are high-quality heaters that will provide heat and ambience no matter where you use them.

Heaters use different kinds of heat sources

We offer different kinds of heatersheaters, blowers, and electric fans. The efficient and powerful heaters are the obvious choice when you want to heat places where there is no fixed heating such as party tents, marquees, work tents and shelters, workshops, shops, garages, basements and when you are building and renovation your house and more. Then, of course, the classic place for a heater – when you arrange an event or host a party in a marquee. Our heaters are easy to use – you simply plug them in.

Heaters create ambience and a pleasant temperature

Heaters are perfect when you are going to celebrate something in a marquee or similar. With one or more heaters, you can provide a pleasant temperature inside the marquee, so your guests feel comfortable. Do not let the fine weather fool you. Often you will experience that the weather may be fine at the beginning of the party, but very often, it can get chilly during the evening or later at night. Be sure to have the heaters ready, so your guests do not leave just because they feel cold.

Heaters also include patio heaters

Our heaters also include the efficient patio heaters developed to create heat and a pleasant feeling on the patio or other outside areas. Having a patio heater makes it easier to stay on the patio even when it sometimes gets a little chilly in the evening. Dancover offers a wide range of different types of patio heaters, especially the energy efficient infrared patio heaters. Apart from the classic heaters to be mounted on a wall, you can have freestanding patio heaters, heaters on a stand as well as specially developed heaters for mounting under parasols. No matter which kind of heater you prefer, you can look forward to many cosy hours on the patio or in your marquee with the right heater.