Disposable tableware

Disposable tableware when you want to save time.

Disposable tableware include everything from plates and cutlery to glasses and cups – and by using disposable tableware, you can save yourself a lot of time and resources when having a party or other kind of event. With disposable tableware, you can forget about doing the dishes and just throw everything away. With disposable tableware from Dancover, you can even do it with a clear conscience, as most of our products are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, you also find most of the other things you need when having a party or other kind of event. Elegant tablecloths, table runners, and napkins – also made of environmentally friendly materials.

Disposable tableware for every kind of event.

Disposable tableware is an important part of any event but you normally need much more in order to make the event a success. At Dancover, you can find everything – tables and chairs, lighting, heaters, fans and of course some of the best marquees on the market. You can use disposable tableware almost anywhere; at home, at school, at a picnic, and at the local sports club when they have the annual fundraiser. When having an event in a marquee, it is obvious to choose the disposable tableware when the event is not too formal. It is easy to set the tables, it is even easier to clean up and nothing will be broken during the party. With plates and glass in sturdy but unbreakable materials, nobody will get hurt from pieces of broken glass.

Disposable tableware and all the fun stuff.

Disposable tableware is not fine china of course, and some may consider it to be cutting corners a little bit. So to make up for the lack of fine china, you may consider some of our fun stuff that will delight your guests at any age - popcorn machines, slush ice machines, pennants, paper garlands, chair covers, bows, and disco lights that will literally light up the dancing floor. By using Dancover’s Total Party Solution One-Stop-Shopping, you just have to shop in one place the next time you are to host a party or arrange an event.