Disco lights

Disco lights will provide the perfect feeling at your upcoming party.

Disco lights have all the classic ingredients we know from various discotheques; the shiny disco ball with small pieces of mirror reflecting the spotlight, LED strobe light for maximum effect and the coloured light set called a light organ. All this will create the perfect feeling of party and dancing – or how about a Bluetooth light bulb with sound and light effects? Do you want even more? We have a smoke machine that will shroud the dancers and create an intimate and special feeling during the party. So be sure to have a blast of a party next time – use our disco lights and watch your guests dance the night away.

Disco lights will make the dance floor come alive.

Disco lights have a special ability to create a fun atmosphere of party and dancing. You just have to add the right music and you can be sure that your guests will hit the dance floor in no time - and stay there for a long time. Even though disco lights is an important part of a party with dancing, you must also remember to create the right ambience before the dancing begins. This also includes light, and at Dancover, we have a wide assortment of lighting for both indoor and outdoor. If you are having a party in a marquee, then it is important that you decorate the marquee with the right light – for both ambience and for practical reasons. Remember that you can also decorate the garden and put light outside the marquee in order to make your guests feel welcome. Then after the dinner, the dancing will commence – and here the disco lights will make a huge difference.