Boat Shelters

Your boat is designed to stay outdoors all year round.
But it has to be painted, primed and stored on land during winter time.

In the northern countries boats have to be stored on land in winter time to avoid damage.

All kinds of gadgets and the necessary accessories are available for you who own a boat or yacht.
Some of the necessary accessories might be a boat shelter. With a boat shelter, both you and your boat will be protected, while it’s stored on land.

When you are preparing your boat for the summer cruises, you will certainly prefer to be sheltered while you are painting etc. With the wisely designed and carefully selected cover, OceanCover Titanium boat shelter offers you super protection from wind and rain while working. OceanCover Titanium boat shelter has proven its success all over Europe.

1298279706A simple protective cover, a tarpaulin could do, but if you need working under cover a tarpaulin gives you too little space for your boat, the equipment, paint and ladders.

If your boat for some reason cannot stay in the water for a longer period, it is advisable to store it in a boat shelter. It protects all parts of your boat from the damaging UV light. Dancover offers you OceanCover Titanium shelter witch has strong UV resistant PVC cover in heavy quality. Let the shelter absorb the damaging UV light instead of your precious boat!

1298279351You can get OceanCover Titanium boat shelter in in various sizes.

You can easily set up a shelter. Just follows the detailed guidance. And soon you can have a solid and affordable boat shelter.
Dancover has the right solution for you to enjoy the annual preparation of your boat.


Storm, straps and trampolines

A storm came over the country! It blew over the country with up to 24 meters per second! It is a regular storm. The country was almost blown away. They wrote about the storm and damages in the Newspapers the day after.

Many of us woke up tired in the morning after a bad nights sleep.
We looked out the windows to see what had happened of injuries in the neighborhood.
What we saw was mostly fallen twigs, few trees and garbage cans. All loose leaves in the garden were blown away. Nice, saves us for the job to remove them at least.
But the worst was probably the neighbor’s trampoline that was thrown into the fence. Lucky for all of us that their garden has this fenced, the trampoline was probably drifted out on the road without it.

Storm straps! It struck me promptly that trampolines should be secured with storm traps!

There are strong straps offered as safety packs, etc.
Well, I do not have a trampoline, so I do not know for sure if they can also be secured with straps but I guess they can.

It is a pity for the neighbor that we have not talked about it before the damage was done. Now he must both fix the damaged trampoline and the fence. He could have saved lots of money if he’d been thinking in safety before the storm.
He could actually buy storm straps in several lengths and thicknesses. There are several possibilities to secure both small tents and big trampolines.

Big safty pack which can secure most tents etc. This is an example: 6 storm pegs and 6 straps in good quality. Could make you sleep much better in the nights even when it storm.
I guess that a camping park would be much safer if the tents were secured with lots of storm straps.

Portable garage and snow

You may be in need of a shelter for your car, boat, furniture or pallets with firewood.

It must be cheap to be profitable. Your first thought is to buy a portable garage – a shelter made of tarpaulin. It’s a protecting shelter and it’s cheap!

If you live in a country where it occasionally snow you might be concerned about the portable garage durability – and it’s not an unrealistic concern.
But you must have in mind that the portable garage is made to cope with different weather. Even show in winter. But, as with all other temporary structures witch is not made of timber, bricks and mortar, it is important to take care of it. And you must pay special attention and be careful when it snow.

1297150697Snow is very heavy. To remove the snow from the portable garage roof you can purchase a soft broom or a rubber scraper. That will make it easy for you to sweep or scrape the snow off the portable garage roof.

Another possible method to remove snow from the portable garage roof is from inside the portable garage. Gently push the snow away from the portable garage roof. Here you are also in a need of a soft broom if your arms are too short.
Portable garage in lots of variations from Dancovershop.

Portable garage

If you live in Great Britain near by the sea and have a car that is not galvanized you probably fear rust.
Not everyone has the time or ability to put the car in the brick builded garage, although it would be the optimum.

A portable garage – a tent can be a fine opportunity to get the car protected and placed in shelter safely stored both in summer and winter.

A storage shelter come in several designs and colours for both larger and smaller cars.

Portable garage PRO 6 x 6 x 3.7 PVC
Portable garage PRO 2.4 x 6.0 x 2.4
Portable garage 2.70 x 5.10 x 2.30


It is not only the car but also the boat that can be well covered in a portable garage. Dancovershop has a serie: Ocean cover, as with 500g/m2 PVC fabric and strong titanium-quality pipes are among the strongest on the market.
The price is even reasonable for this high quality product.

Take a look at homepage for Ocean Cover

Now it’s time to buy the marquee!

Spring is most often the time of year when you are arranging parties among friends and family.
Planning ahead for a celebration – it could be your own wedding, has to start out early. You must invite your guests. The place where the party will be held must also be planned; either booked or purchased.

If you rent space there are some rules you must deal with. Typically, there are certain time tables you have to follow. When can you get access to the room? When do you and your guests have to leave etc. Another detail in rented premises is that you must replace broken things. Some can be quite expensive.

As a owner of your own marquee you can completely decide the size, decoration and there are no time limit when you and your guests have to leave and finish the cleaning!

But you have to ensure purchasing your marquee some time before the party.
You have to do yourself a favor and look it up some time before the party kicks off.
You’ll know how long it takes to set up the marquee. You can get an idea of how to decorate it afterwards. And you can also check that all wing screws and other fittings for marquee are in the parcel you’ve received. It is great misfortune to recognize the day before the big party that you miss extra storm straps or other vital parts for marquee.
In your favor it will be even easier to set up the marquee second and subsequent times.

So purchase your marquee as early as possible!

Beautiful marquees like this are easy to decorate.


Marquee size

The size of the marquee you buy, must match the number of guests you invited or plan to invite.

It is necessary to consider carefully, before you purchase your marquee.
If you know already now that your marquee will be used repeatedly, you should assess how many persons you think will be the maximum.
You may perhaps know how many you’ve invited to your Copper Wedding, but not for your husbands birthday celebration.
It’s better to buy a bigger marquee than a tent that’s too small!


Here is a formula so you easily can figure out how big your marquee must be :

Meter x meter x 0.9 = minimum number of guests your marquee can accommodate.

Examples of marquee size and number of persons:

6×6 m: 30-38 personer
9×6 m: 45-55 personer
9×9 m: 70-80 personer
6×12 m: 65-70 personer
9×12 m: 100-110 personer
6×15 m: 80-90 personer
9×15 m: 120-130 personer

Marquees are available in several sizes, both in terms of length and width.
Also the choice of material varies.

When you purchase party tent you must also assess whether the surface you have naturally in your garden or yard is useful or whether you need a practical floor to the marquee.

Folding tables and folding chairs can be practical to own yourself.

Table plan – the big math

You have of course tried to work out a table plan and you have been thinking and tried to figure out how to place your guests in the most reasonable way.
Table plans are in some families or in some circles of friends a task that requires forethought by the hosts.
In an ideal world you just bench your guest after a simple principle: male, female, male, female. But it’s not always so easy.
In some circles you put couple together and in the other you split them apart. In lots of families there are persons you pay special attention: Grandmother wants to be seated next to her daughter, and Aunt Patricia want to sit near by a window.
Among friends, some people are just a little more comfortable with some persons than with others.
Making a table plan requires attention not only to different personalities, but also certain physical modes.
In a marquee most requirements can be satisfied. When you buy a marquee you can see examples of how you can accommodate your guests.
Before you buy the marquee you’ll be able to see examples of table plan.


Take a look:
Marquee 6×12 holds approx. 64 persons.
Marquee 6×14 holds approx. 75 persons.
Marquee 6×8 holds approx. 43 persons. has more marquees – go ahead and get inspired.

You have several advantages by keeping the party in a marquee

It is obvious to buy your own marquee. You simply make your upcoming party more personal when you decide to celebrate it in your own marquee!

Celebrating a party require huge amounts of your time and energy. You can relax and enjoy the party fully when you know there is control of everything.

In your own marquee you have room for all.You can buy a marquee that matches the number of guests you invited.
All your creative ideas can fit in your own marquee. Just choose and decide.
When you celebrate the feast in your own marquee, you are most often near your apartment or in your own garden. That will give you a safe feeling. You can relax. You are in control of every detail.


It is easier to personalize a party in a marquee. You can choose theme. Perhaps you want it to be romantic, glamorous or funny or something else?
It’s all up to you to decide how you like it!

New Marquee Semi PRO Plus

New flame retardant and fire-resistant Marquee Semi PRO Plus

Marquee for any festive event or activity.
The Marquee Semi PRO Plus is 6 x 12 m and a low priced alternative to our Pro Party tent marquees or rental quality. The Marquee Semi PRO Plus is strong and waterproof, flame retardant and fire-resistant PVC.

The Semi PRO Plus are tested following: DIN 4102 – B1/B2, M2.

The arched windows on the long sides offer a good inflow of light and there is entrance door in both of the end walls.
The galvanized steel frame (50×1,5 mm 54×1,5 mm) and ground bar set for increased stability and ground pegs.
The Marquee Semi PRO Plus is easy assembly with wing screws and the total weight is only 388 kg.
You are well seated because it has side height: 2.6 m and ridge hight 3.65 m.